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Me: You're supposed to look before you cross!
PCD: (pointing at cross sign) I trust in the system!

We watch the Olympic ceremonies on Friday and go for a walk in the park. Saturday, wrestle and get can-opened by a smiling girl. 16 tabs of ibuprofen later, I crash two parties...

Her: See that's the problem in NY, everyone is sorta single. Which one're you?
Me: (thinking) Hard to say these days.

...almost get into two fights, but don't (not really, anywho)...

WM: It's you, man. The same reason why that girl talked to you outside the bar is the same reason why those two guys wanted to fight with you.
Me: Howzit me?
Him: I'm telling you, y'give off a vibe.

...hurt some people...

Me: Are you crying?
Her: No.
Me: Are you lying to me?
Her: (pause) Yes.

...and go to church with LisaV, before I hit up a rooftop party with WM and Paul. Later, meet up with someone for a late night chat.

I should trust in the system. But I'm so lost. I need a sign.

Music: I never meant the things I did
Tags: dialogue, single life
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