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Under advisement

Just walked in the door from a wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends. We're all different but ever the same. Aren't the best friends the ones where you can just pick up where you left off - even it was years ago?


A building around the way caught fire. HEI stops by for brunch but we're captivated by the heat from flames. Quite something, those firemen.

Her: There's always something happening around you!
Me: I like to keep you on your toes.

Friday night, meet up with PCD.

Her: Why do you have so many different types of plates and cups?
Me: (shrugging) Had lots of failed relationships
Her: (pause) That's a lot sadder an answer than I was expecting.

End up walking around Columbia for a slice of Koronet Pizza and lounging on the steps to the library.

Her: I like you but...I'm seeing other people, you know...
Me: (nodding) I'll take that under advisement.

Saturday, wrestle. PCD's a little freaked out that I'm pretty much constantly covered with black and blue marks; I look like an abused child.

Saturday night, meet up with Heartgirl and some friends downtown. We end up alone, just after midnight, and chat.

Me: I'm sorry, I'm not up on the young people speak - what does that mean, Don't catch emotion with me?
Her: It means don't fall for me. (pause) I'm looking to date other guys.
Me: (nodding) I'll take that under advisement.

I kiss her goodnight and she hops into a cab. We're supposed to meet up Saturday but she's always ditching so I don't expect to actually see her. As I turn around, I lock eyes with two pretty blonds, smile and start chatting with them.

Me: ...everyone's got their front-runners and back-burners. But that's my story with her (Heartgirl). Why don't we talk about our story?
Her: (sarcastically) Well aren't you confident?
Me: (grin) Quite.
Her: (laughing) I like that.
Me: (nodding) I'll take that under advisement.

The wedding was beautiful. I'd like a wedding like that. Suppose, I'd have to find a girlfriend first, though...

Tags: cornell, dialogue, new york city, nyc, single life
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