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Front-runners & Back-burners

So my date on Saturday was really fun. Here's the kicker though - wasn't with Heartgirl.

Friday night, meet up with Hazel, Paul, and WM in the UWS. Elle's there with her two friends, one of whom wants to step up to this striking blue-eyed blond bombshell. He leaves without so much as a hello to her so I turn to her: Hi there - lemme tell you story, morning glory...

She's super nice and probably one of the best looking women I've picked up yet. But she's the same name as my mother plus Elle's there; not that I think she cares but still. And my mind's on someone else. I tell her we'll run into each other again and politely eject. Besides, I tell WM, as we exit and turn onto 79th Street, there's always something 'round the corner.

Sometimes, quite literally. Cause I immediately lock eyes with a grey-eyed girlie outside a bar who grins at me and says, Hi there! WM rolls his eyes as I wink at her and say, Howdy.

Me: The best thing about NYC's the random meetings, yeah?
Her: (smiles) Yeah. What's your name?

We had a great conversation but, you guessed it: 22. Fail. Speaking of fail, Saturday, Heartgirl cancels. Again. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't disappointed. Cause I don't know her all that well, but what I do know, I like very much. Luckily, I'm not one to cry into my porridge:

Me: Dinner and a movie?
Pretty Cake Decorator: I'm not sure. I mean - I don't really know you.
Me: (deep breath) This may not be the smartest idea I've ever had, but...my last name's Lo. Google me.

She swings by and we end up watching two films and ordering in. We somehow find ourselves doing Stupid Human Tricks: I do a split and she touches the back of her head with her toes. We both end up laughing on the floor.

PCD: I'm glad I came over. (pause) But I can see this has potential for a lot of disappointment.
Me: (quietly) Well that's...sad.

There's that word again: disappointment. Isn't that the worst, worst part of dating?

Heartgirl just told me why she couldn't make it. It was a very good reason, actually. But there's always a very good reason to bail, yeah? To quote HEI, everyone has their front-runners and back-burners. To add to that, sometimes you're the front-runner, sometimes you're the back-burner. Just how it shakes out.

While I think Heartgirl and I'll always be friends, there's never a really a good point to stick around, romantically, if you're someone's back-burner. Mrs. Lo didn't raise any stupid sons.

Hopeless romantic ueber-nerds, yes. Stupid, no.

Cause I believe someone'll see what you're worth; you'll be someone's front-runner someday and she'll be yours. Until then we all do just fine on our own.

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Tags: dating, new york city, random meetings, single life
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