logan607 (logan607) wrote,

Ships in the night

Me: Ships in the night?
Her: I'm sorry what?
Me: (laughing) My mistake...thought you were someone else.

Friday, go to a party thrown by Jenny and friends - they hired a bartender and had an open bar. Sweeeeeet. Saturday, spend the day roaming the hood with with HEI. We end up having a wind-tunnel-like lunch at the Boat Basin. She's all sorts of lovely.

Saturday night, go to a friend's b-day party. Meet someone I swear is the Ship In the Night Girlie.

Her: It sounds like it could be me, but I don't remember.
Me: (disappointed) Then it wasn't you.
Her: How do you know it wasn't me?
Me: Cause you'd remember a fella like me.
Her: That's awfully egotistical of you.
Me: (sighing) Don't mean it to be. But it's true.

She and I hang out with Paul and WM til six in the morning. We finish up the night at a French bistro downtown as the run rises. Lose my phone - ugh. That's a whole entry in itself.

Don't get into bed until 7AM. Wake up a little while later and run in the rain to meet up for a memorial lunch for Mike. His sister gives me an envelope fulla singles; said she wanted me to hand them out to anyone that asked for help cause Mike woulda liked that. Said I would.

Hop off to church where I meet a girl from Holland and end up walking this girl Beth home - she's involved but fun company. Give her the nickel tour before we run into Jenny and some other people 'round the way.

Finally get a few moments to think. Wonder if I'll ever see Ship in the Night Girl again. Stupid isn't it? You see a girl for a moment and she's in your head weeks later?

Her: (to WM) Your friend's so peculiar. (to me) You're so peculiar. Maybe I am the Ship in the Night Girl.
Me: You're not, but thanks. (taking her hand) We'll be friends, yeah?
Her: Yes.

There're numbers I'll never get again in that phone I lost. Seems like more ships pass me in the night than I thought.


Ran into my friend Christianne tonight too. Here's a story about her or you can just listen to her sing to you now...

Music: Hey Snowflake! What 'cha doin on Arlington Place?
Tags: choices, church, mike, new york city, nyc, random meetings, single life
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