logan607 (logan607) wrote,

He keeps calling

Met up with some friends for a Spring party. There was a girlie there from Guest House a few months back. My friend was gaming her but I could tell she was vibing me so I discreetly bounced - girlies come and go, good friends are harder to find. He's now with someone else so fast forward to this past weekend.

Her: You're leaving? Again? What're you, a viejo?
Me: (kissing her cheek) Very much, pretty lady. Very much.

Was leaving cause I was thinking of ringing SX when I ran into a pair of green eyes.

Her: Abby.
Me: Logan. (shaking her hand) Well look at us - we're like ships in the night; you're stepping in, I'm stepping out. We'd have lovely children, you and I, what with my looks and your brains. They'd be a shoe-in for the ivy league.
Her: What? (laughing) Then stay.
Me: Can't. Got an appointment to keep. But New York's a small town - ships in the night, yeah?
Her: Yeah.

Walking to the subway, flicked on my mobile and dialed a number. I'm sleeping, she said, but we talked until dawn anyway.

Saturday involved more rum, the Token girl (who's moving 'round the way), the bouncers at Solas (who turned me upside down), Paul and a German girl in Zum Schneider (who was entertaining), and a Russian blond (who was awfully handy) on 9th Street.

Sunday night, went to church and sat next to a friend who told me she couldn't make it to my birthday. Then I walked home with Jenny again.

It's Monday. Got 11 days left; the devil's been calling. Afraid I'll have to answer at some point. The devil and God comes when you're on your knees.

Don't wanna be on my knees again. Thankfully, that's where the rum comes in.

Music: And when you think it's all over, It's not over, it's not over
Tags: choices, church, new york city, nyc, random meetings, single life

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