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With nods to Kemidra. In Marley's "No Woman No Cry," he's got a line that goes:

My feet is my only carriage.

But if you listen to it, it sounds more like:

My fear is my only courage.

Since I was a kid, I misheard it. Figures. My life as a kid was all wrong.

Y'know, back then, I was so poor and so fat, only really had four shirts. It's all we could afford. All my fat ass could fit. Red. Yellow. Brown-striped. And this god-awful sky blue velvet one.

Hey - betcha I got more clothes than you.

I got more clothes than anyone I've ever met. Anyone. And I meet a lotta folk. Statement of fact, that's all.

Cause when I made some scratch, I bought clothes. Like 200+ ties. Not cheap ties, the good stuff. Man, I don't even wear ties. All I do is wear jeans and tee-shirts, now. Finally grew outta it, I guess.

But y'never grow outta that deep fear, do you? That deep fear that makes no @#$ sense. The fear that I'll wake up and be this fat, poor, lonely dork in sixth grade again. Y'know, my classmates threw rocks at me? Seriously, rocks.

No lie, this latest drama's no fun. But when you're in sixth grade and your classmates think stoning you's high sport, well, that preps you for pretty much anything.

Don't want pity. Don't want charity. I just want a sec. Just gimme a sec - catch my breath, get on my feet. If you wanna do something for me, buy me some rum when you see me. Otherwise,

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