logan607 (logan607) wrote,

Music Week Day 1 - George

I went on a blind date with a very cool and attractive, brown-eyed girl today.

Me: After all my fish died, I bought a bunch more and named them all George.
Her: (quizzical look)
Me: (nodding slowly) They're pretty upset over the whole matter, too.
Her: (laughs) You should get a goldfish and call him Token because he'll be the token goldfish.
Me: Well now, that's just silly.

Also met a bevy of lovely Christian girls at a party on Friday. Weird thing is that when I found out they were Christian, I slipped into anywhere but church mode.

It's a mental block.


I wanna share my current favorite songs this week. If you blog, will you post songs and videos this week? If you don't, post music in the comments? Introduce me to music you love.

It'll make these days go by faster.

I'd like them to go by faster.

Music: I don't believe that you, you don't believe in me
Tags: dialogue, george, random meetings, single life, video

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