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Second story, first thoughts

10:48:14 PM

Heart in hand, I made my way to the west side uptown line. I haven't taken a cab by myself in a while and I feel it's somewhat wasteful. Plus the walking always clears my mind.

I was in the subway and this very small woman had a bag covering her hand so that she didn't have to hold onto the railing.

Not that I blame her, I would do the same thing; there's 4.7 million subway riders a day. That's more people than most cities have. You've gotta figure someone has something nasty.

But the thing was that this woman had a tiny, tiny sandwich bag around her tiny, tiny hand. I looked at her, then at this pretty blond sitting across from she and we both laughed. The blond took out a pen and a pad and wrote out something. We then reached my stop and the blond exited also.

I had to ask.

"Did you write about that woman?"
"Yes," she said, "not that I blame her, I would do the same thing. I have a blog about the subway…"
"Funny you say that," I said, "It just so happens…de-de-de-de-de…"

We exchanged blog information, which I think is so comically modern (note that this is all at two or three in the morning). If you're at all interested, her blog is here.

Oh, and I feel the need to cite the 4.7 million rider stat so that's here (yes it's a story about J. Lo but if you look, it's there).

Yes, I am a complete dweeb. But, I would like to point out that you are reading the blog of a complete dweeb.

Oh my.

The lack of sleep is making me rude.

No excuse…


12:14:45 AM
Music: I just couldn't take the hurt again, What a feeling
Tags: insomnia, new york city, nyc, random meetings, story
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