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Great and Terrible

12:00:11 AM

Today was a pretty exciting day - mainly because Rain and I had our first batch of auditions and two people that I brought absolutely nailed the parts. I also I found this cool little program to set up my pics so I put up a new section of my personal blog called: www.loganlo.com/vanity (I figured I should call it something honest). There's not a lot there but I'm going to dig through some pictures for more things to post.

I also got a pice of horrific news today too but I suppose I should start with the good and end with the bad.

With the auditions, Rain's group was good and there was some talent there but the last two people that came in were spot on. The only problem was that they are both auditioning for the same role. We're contemplating writing a part just for one of them so that we can use them both somehow. I spoke with Rain afterwards and we're both beyond jazzed with how everything is coming together. Freaking exciting...

I drove Tony and Francis out to Queens because I needed to pick something up from Queens. When I arrived, I noticed a friend left me a voicemail. He told me that a good friend of ours just found out this morning that he has a brain tumor! I couldn't believe it. He just got married a month ago and I just saw him yesterday. It was quite a shock and very sad. I'm worried about him and his new bride.

I will say a prayer for them tonight and hope for the best.

1:04:41 AM
Music: running to the edge of time, the moon will keep us company
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Tags: 72nd to canal, shock
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