logan607 (logan607) wrote,

72nd to Canal - Teaser 3

11:33:54 PM
The title of this clip is called Helen Keller.

We filmed this on Sunday and you wanna know the crazy thing? I walked almost six miles from 86th and Broadway to Canal Street and Broadway to meet up with Rain to film this.

I just had to get out, I guess.

Stop by on Saturday the 19th to watch a sneak preview of the show with us - you can find details and buy advance tickets for $5 by visiting www.72canal.com or clicking:

We'll watch the show, have some rum and a few laughs.

You will come, won't you?

They have rum.

12:49:32 AM
Music: everything i own, smells of you
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Tags: comedy, new york, nyc, party, sitcom
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