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I don't want to comment on all the tragedy; there's enough. So, here's four happy/stupid:
  1. Instead of a birthday cake, I had a low-fat, low-carb ice cream sandwich. It was great good not so bad.
  2. CindyE sang me Happy Birthday, in-aeternum sent me an amazing gift, in_a_silver_bag sent me a picture of soup, and so many of you guys left me comments - I can't even tell you how that made my day. Plus people remembered that I didn't think would and people forgot that I didn't think would. All good. Finally, katsmw digitaldewi, and frieseurfrau, all mentioned me in their journals. Cool.
  3. At least 15 people left me voicemail per my request.
    • I could use some more (especially male) for the project I'm considering. Could you give me a ring? Don't leave your name if you don't wanna.
  4. I appreciate all your kind thoughts but here's my favorite greeting from the past week or so:
Him: Hey, I wanted to wish you a happy b-day. By the way, I've got some good dirt.
Me: Sweet, hit me.
Him: Remember when I told you that I ran into your ex out here?
Me: Vaguely...
Him: We totally hooked up. I mean full-on.
Me: (pause) How is that good again?
Him: I meant for me.
Me: (...)
Him: Why's everything about you? Oh, there's my ride, I'm out. Happy Birthday!
Me: (...)

I've decided that hope is good.

Thanks for the hope.

12:55:33 AM
Music: built my life around you but time makes you bolder Even children get older
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