logan607 (logan607) wrote,

17 Again

12:00:23 AM

Me @ 17. My hair is blue. Yes, I'm a dork.
It's my birthday.

To celebrate, I'm just going to work out. It's OK, I did a lot of living last week.

I've updated my pictures per a reader's request.

Now...I want something from you.

I think it's fair; I pour out all my insanity for your entertainment, but once in a blue moon, I'm going to ask you to do something for me, besides get me soup (which no one did, not that I'm bitter):
  • Call this number: 1.XXX.XXX.XXXX and listen to the directions. (20070419 EDIT: thanx! I've gotten all the voices I can use)
  • Wait a sec and then say your name/LJ name
  • Wait another sec and read the below work, I Remember Seventeen
  • If you screw up, hit # and start again.
Remember to change the fifth line to the proper age from when you were 17 (ie, if you're 29, change the line to read Man, twelve years ago).

If you're a chick, I have no idea what to change lines 9 an 14 to; I leave it up to you to figure that part out.

Since we're are not dating, please keep your crazy to yourself - I'm deleting everything else that deviates.

Read it how you read it. I wanna hear your voice reading it the way you would read it.

It's only fair

You know what I sound like.

I Remember Seventeen

I remember seventeen,
All my ways and means,
All my little dreams.

I remember seventeen
Man, seventeen years ago
Back when I had flow
(Or I had thought so)

Love's simple, the beauty queen.
My friends, all on the scene;
trying to be cool,
looking like some fools.

But I thought I was pretty slick
with the pretty chicks.
But really, I had no flow
and those girlies, they laid me low.

Back then it all meant so much,
all those little cuts,
everything that sucked.

Me, a stupid kid
hoping to be big.

Course, it’s a little sad
all my memories;
how different I thought I’d be
from my current state of me.

Still, sometimes, so far away
sometimes, like yesterday,

yeah, I remember seventeen.

All those little cuts…

1:37:12 AM
Music: I had so many crashes That I couldn't feel at all and it feels like I'm 17 again
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Tags: 17 again, 34, birthday
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