December 10th, 2008


Hustling in Seville

: (patting me on head) That's my old man.

Spent the day trying to nail down meetings for scratch. Was almost a complete failure but I saw Heartgirl for some caffeine so that made the day go a little better.

When I was 23, managed to convince a company named Wall Street Equities to hire me over IBM and Anderson Consulting to set up 75 NASDAQ certified computers. Did it on time and under budget. They referred me to Tiffany's, Ziff-Davis, Holland&Holland, NatWest and a buncha other clients.

Last big tech client was for the Washington Post; hooked up a network with 50 nodes for them on Madison. I was...26, maybe?

Whenever some VP would walk in, they'd ask who was in charge and the old Italian consultants I subcontracted'd point at me and say, That Chinese kid. Made me laugh.

Somehow, became an old man. Still hustling though. Suppose things never change.

S'ok - (a) getting older is better than the alternative and (b) my brain still works the same way.

Her: We could catch an opera.
Me: That's all in Italian, I don't understand Italian.
Her: That's not true, some are in German.
Me: (thinking) Can we see an opera that only plays songs from Looney Toons? Y'know...Barber of Seville, Flight of the Bumblebee, Ride of the Valkyries?
Her: (mute silence)
Me: I'll take that as a No...

Music: see video above
: Hustle. Cause if you want it, you gotta hustle. (time/2 pts)