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Monday, November 24th, 2008

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Think it was Turtle5485 who told me about St. Patrick's Day. It's basically when you date someone between the second week of November to St. Patrick's Day. I remember that PCD called it Lockdown cause she disagreed with Mr. Mayer - "You're in real trouble if you're stuck until St. Vals day - January's your escape!"

The idea's that you can't break up with someone during this time cause some holiday's just round the corner. I mean, y'don't wanna be known as the jerk that dumped X near Christmas or something. Unless you're a complete jerk.

It would appear that I'm in Lockdown. Which is fine by me as I just discovered this past weekend that Heartgirl can bake Abs Diet friendly pumpkin muffins.

Man, a guy could fall in love with a girlie like that.

Just sayin is all...

I'll stop now.


Note, the next entry'll be a long one. You've been warned.

Music: we'll both be safe 'til St. Patrick's Day
YASYCTAI: Get your holiday shopping done early this year. (120 mins/1 pt)

Current Mood: chipper

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