November 21st, 2008


In front of you


: (sadly in Chinese) God doesn't care about me any more. I'm too old. 86.
Me: That's not true. He's the one who put me in front of you.
Saw an old friend for dinner last night. We hadn't talked in ages; he's now the senior VP at a major internet marketing firm.

We talked shop and it was like talking to an adult after being surrounded by kids all day. Like Sheridan and somea the others, he believes in me more than I do, I think.

Man, I gotta get outta what I'm doing and back into my old life.

On the way there, heard an old Chinese lady yelling over and over again, "CHINATOWN!" on 37th and Lex. She reminded me of my grandma. So I went over and told her in my crappy Chinese that I'd get her there. She was visiting an old friend in a hospital nearby and got lost. Took her arm, walked her to the right stop, and waited for the bus with her.

Me: (to driver) Hey man, this nice little lady needs to get to Chinatown. Can you make sure she gets off on Bowery and Bayard? (driver nods and smiles broadly at her)
Her: (to me in Chinese) Thank you - your Chinese's not as bad as you think.
Me: (laughing) Nonsense. But I'll let my dad know you said so. Told you - God put me in front of you.
Hopped off the bus and made it over to the Shelburne. Afterwards, walked from there to Columbus Circle, just cause I can't sleep anyway. Thought about my mom - if she got lost, I'd hope someone'd help her get home.

Speaking of home, Heartgirl's on a plane back as I write this. Was only two weeks but I missed her terribly.

Music: get your plane ride on time I know your part'll go fine
YASYCTAI: Help someone old. Cause you'd want someone to do it for your ma. (20 mins/1 pts)