November 17th, 2008


Tennis anyone?

: I have tennis elbow.
Me: Whoa...
Smart people're just so impressive. Ladies, don't ever dumb yourself down for a guy cause the guy you'll end up with, you won't want.


Sheridan invited me another party this past Saturday. Nice enough crowd; attractive people, booze. Malik Yoba was there, as was my favorite type of rum, although it was $14 a glass again. Crap.

Ended up taking a ton of pics for the host and he offered for me to shoot for his website. Maybe. Sheridan and I bounced early cause I wasn't feeling all that great - did my yearly physical, got some blood drawn, found out I have tennis elbow, and had a flu shot - alla which was draining (literally and figuratively). So stayed in Saturday night even though Paul, Gio and LisaV each had parties going on.

I've not been sleeping. Dunno if it's the stress, the pain or the fact that Heartgirl's not around. So I'm reading a lot again: This week alone, I read The ABS Diet, first four chapters of Hot, Flat and Crowded, coupla articles on SEO marketing, two issues of the Economist and Fast Company, and three of Maximum Computer.

On a somewhat related note, I've decided to get down to <9% body fat, which I've not been since froshmore year college (a hundred years ago). Wish me luck.

A lotta stuff''s going on. Lemme sort it all out and get back to you.

Music: when we met Spending all of my time Tracing your silhouette
YASYCTAI: Have you had your yearly physical? (60 mins/3 pts)