November 14th, 2008


She and I (did what?)

Second Ranty post in over two years.

I is only ever the subject of a sentence. It is NOT correct to use I as the object. Ever. To figure out when to use I, subtract the additional person and conjunction to see if it sounds ridiculous. eg:
Who went to the store?
She and I went to the store.
She and I went to the store.
Ergo: I went to the store.
Ding, ding - Win

Here are pics of my girl and I drinking rum.
Here are pics of my girl and I drinking rum.
Ergo: Here are pics of I drinking rum.
Honk - Fail
Here are pics of me drinking rum.
Ding, ding - Win

While on the topic of crap grammar:
  1. ie means, in other words - you can remember this because both begin with i
  2. eg means, for example - you can remember this because it begins with e
  3. gyro is pronounced jai-ro not yee-ro -you can remember because this you're not a tool:
Tool: You mean a yee-ro?
Me: No, kid. If we were in Athens, I'd mean yee-ro. But we're in a tiny hell-hole greasy spoon in Queens (turning back to counterman, "No offense, dude,"). We don't say, "res-toe-ran" for a "restaurant," we don't say shed-du-el for schedule. You don't say yee-ro-scope, do you? Why, outta 880,000 words, the special exception for a meat sandwich? So please back up off my grill and lemme order my jai-ro, in peace.

Sorry, I'm irritable - the weather's lousy, my girl's on a different continent, my right arm is killin me, I can't eat for the next 20 hours, I've not slept and my secretary just quit. Again.

I want a whole wheat donut.

What I'm gonna get, however, is a glass of tap water, a vitamin pill and two tabs of naproxen.

Music: I’ll just be waiting here - right here
YASYCTAI: Read a book about why English is the way it is. Try this book or this one. (2 days/3 pts)