October 3rd, 2008


First of the Month


: It's that bitch Janet from Bill's office on the phone. Man, I can't...
Me: (interrupting) Please tell me she's on hold!
Her: I'm not you, Logan...
Me: Hey, what...?
Her: (turning back to phone, singsongy) Helloooo Janet, Logan's right here. Please wait? (turning to me, flatly) Bitch, line one.

The first of the month is always...stressful. I have to write five-figures worth of checks every first of the month:
  • mortgage
  • office rent
  • salaries
  • utilities
  • equipment costs
  • car payments
  • credit cards
  • insurance
The Devil's laughing in my head all the damn time.

Got home close to ten that night and a redhead I was seeing stopped by to drop off something so I invited her in for some rum.

Her: I'm just killing time with him. He tells me things like he misses me and I just don't wanna hear it. At least the extra-curricular activities're interesting. Most of the time.
Me: And the other times?
Her: I fake it.
Me: Jeez.
Her: I've got things to do! (pause) Y'know, he doesn't even drink. I mean he lets me drink but...
Me: Man, that's like giving yourself a roofie.
Her: (laughs) I suppose it is. So...tell me about Heartgirl.
Me: (grins)

Speaking of Heartgirl, saw her on Thursday.

Her: I think I'm afraid of being in a relationship.
Me: Yeah. I know what you mean.
Her: I hate your taste in music. (pause) But I like you.
Me: (shrugging) Works for me.

Music: can't think of the right words to say
YASYCTAI: Clean the bathroom; you know it needs it. (30 mins / 1pt)