September 26th, 2008


Grow up already

The Devil always seems to come at just the right time with a wink and smile, doesn't he?

Him: (sitting) Logan, I need a favour. (hands me an envelope)
Me: I hate it when people open with that. Especially you. (opens envelope) Oh this can't be good...

Finally saw WALL-E last night. So cute.

Her: I wish we could just keep doing what we do.
Me: (thinking) You know how most guys wanna keep being a kid? I'm tired of being a kid, I wanna grow up already. I think maybe it's time I grew up already.
Her: I like you though...
Me: (shaking head) That's only cause I only show you the sides I want you to see.
My life is needlessly complicated. I'm hoping to simplify things shortly.

The forecast says rain all weekend.

Music: it’s turning me to the count of girl who’d rather be alone.
YASYCTAI: Simplify your life. Buy a scanner and a shredder and get to work. (120 mins/2 pts)