July 28th, 2008


You are a soul

Me: I'm sorry, come again? How old're you?
Her: 18.
Me: (turning to WM) Yeah, I'm leaving.

Spent Friday out with Gio and WM around the UES. Not my scene.

Saturday morning, spoke with Heartgirl; that's a post for some other time. Saturday night, saw PCD. She did NOT heed my advice and was hung over so we spent a very nice quiet night in the UWS.

Not been sleeping lately so I've been reconnecting with my inner geek and rebuilding my media center machine.

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HEI has Syd so I'll take some pics when I get her back.


Just found out that my grandma's in the hospital. Was supposed to see her when that woman stole all my money.

Y'know when someone talks 'bout selling your soul, or whatnot? That irritates me. Cause you're not a body with a soul. You are a soul. You just happen to have a body.

She's no dainty grandma; she's tougher than DeNiro and smokes more than he does. But her body's betraying her and there's nuthin I can do 'bout it. She gave me my eyes.

I wanna hit something.

Music: No need to say goodbye You'll come back