July 16th, 2008



Her: I don't understand. Why do these things keep happening to me?
Me: Cause you give your blessings away too early. I think of myself like Harvard: Anyone can apply, but not everyone makes the cut.
Her: I'm not like that. I fall quickly and hard; I'm very passionate. I like falling in love.
Me: How's that worked out for you?
Her: (pause) Touche.

If your life isn't as you want it, I submit that it's that way cause, whether you'll admit it or not, you're getting something from it.

If you're the victim, the doormat, the outsider, I submit that some part of you wants to be that way. Cause you know your lines, you know your cues. You know the role. And there's a comfort in that.

Change is tough. Sometimes it's easier to be the victim - to blame things outside your control. But it's a crap role.

There's this saying that goes, If you keep doing what you do, you keep getting what you get.

Expect more from yourself, then you can expect more from others.

Look, why don't you give yourself permission be the person you wanna be already? Then this stuff'll stop happening to you.

Music: my tongue is sand until the iridescent band begins to play