July 10th, 2008



Seriously, someone somewhere really just hates me. Hates me.

Realized as I went through records that I may be the oldest person in my entire condo building.

Still, although it's served with a big slice of lemon, at least my blue sky's back.


Heartgirl dropped me a line recently. Isn't weird how the more you don't want to think about someone, the more you do?

HEI's going through some rough times but I told her that rough times are when you find out what you're made of. Rough times cut away the fat of your life to see the muscle underneath. On a related note, while we're both attracted to each other, we're solidly in friends camp for our own reasons. Hopefully we stay in each other's Venn Diagram.

BEG is off on vacation so I don't think I'll be seeing her any time soon.

Finally, PCD and I saw each other recently. In addition to being a cake decorator, she also has an anthropology degree so we've some interesting conversations.

Her: Today I made an onion - tomorrow I'm making asparagus.
Me: (laughing) You're so non sequitur.
Her: I'm totally sequitur!
Me: It's ok, I like non-sequitur.
Her: So one physical marker of an Asian is the shovel shaped incisors - the insides of your incisors are scooped.
Me: (feeling the inside of my teeth with my tongue) Well, look at that. (pause) Cm're, lemme check out yours - for purely scientific purposes, I assure you...

Music: Our hands are covered in cake But I swear we didn't have any