June 20th, 2008


Right here, right now

Me: I just wanted you to know that I'm outside again and it's amazing. Jealous?
Her: Yes.

Had to drop off something for a friend yesterday so grabbed Syd and dashed downtown.

Was all stressed cause I was supposed to be working but, as I made it crosstown, I got lost in the jumble that is the Lower West Side. It ended up a good thing as I slowed down a bit to take pictures and enjoy the weather.

Later that night, met up with the Blue-Eyed Girl for drinks in the one block radius around BJE's pad. It's weird when you revisit places and things from your past.

I'm trying to not live in the past or worry (quite) that much about the future.

It's harder than you might think - to be here, in the right-this-second and not stuck in your head.

Luckily, we both know I'm stupidly optimistic. Keep thinking my better day's right round the corner, y'know?

Time for work.

Music: there is no other place I want to be