June 13th, 2008


Oddities on our toes

Life's fulla these little oddities that keep us on our toes.

Heartgirl's elsewhere. Funny thing is that Paul and I were supposed to be in the exact same place at the exact same time. But it's too coincidental to be believable and I'm busy so Paul's there by his lonesome.

Heartgirl thinks I talk too much about my dating life. But going with the theory that all your life's problems can be divided up into health, wealth and relationships, it's really all I got. My work life's...complicated. I can't legally talk about mosta it. Health-wise, I either play with pointy things or roll around with men wearing tight clothes and padding.

Wait - that didn't come out right.


I finally have drinks with the Blue-Eyed Girl around the way. Late in the night, she tells me she found my blog. I must change my name.

She's very cool but says that she wasn't one of the cools kids in high school. Kinda weird that all these pretty girls I meet were never one of the cool kids in high school. I think they're lying. Or all the cool kids became dorks and the dorks became...well, us.

HEI's got a guy that's sweet on her visiting from outta town soon so we meet up for dinner. We grab sushi today cause she says that whenever she grabs sushi with a guy, he exits her Venn Diagram. I tell her we gotta do it cause that's ridiculous and, besides, I'm not gonna.

I'm not gonna cause I'm so tired of everyone exiting mine.

Music: if I stay I'll be alive Then choke on words