June 6th, 2008



Breaking with tradition, the Sexologist/SX's real name's Jill McDevitt. She owns a sex novelty shop called Feminique Boutique in Philadelphia.

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I bring this up cause Jill's being sued by the local priest; he wants to protect the children - despite her being in full compliance with local laws.

Personally, I want neither a priest nor the government protecting my children's moral constitution - when I get 'em, I'll protect them just fine, thank you. Also, it's ludicrous to have the choices of adults dictated by the possibility that a child's sensibilities may be affected. That's why we have parents. If you're in the area (or even if you're not) here's a petition.

As for Jill and me, our Venn Diagrams separated not that long ago but she dropped me a line recently and it was good to hear from her. It's always good to hear from people from your possible pasts, yeah?

Y'know, I met her on a random Saturday night a while back. Let's see what happens this Saturday night.

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