June 4th, 2008



Stopped by a friend's house midday in Queens cause I was around the hood but he was out so his wife and I caught up. She wants to fix me up with some of her doctor friends.

I'm not sure she knows what she's getting them into.


Picasso's Guernica is probably one of the most famous paintings of suffering out there. Buddhism says that suffering comes from the uncontrollable. Either externally, such as in the painting, or internally, when we try to control the uncontrollable.

I believe that.

On a related note, man, I wish I could fall asleep.

Of course, there is no great tragedy without some small gain(s): I'm completely caught up on Lost and BSG, can now do all my sabre strikes with my left hand and have made a month's worth of chili.

I'm thinking of brushing up my German or teaching myself Arabic or something. I dunno. I'd rather sleep.

Lost is still surprisingly good (I can't believe they killed off ______). BSG...almost as good.

Music: The old man said to me Said don't always take life so seriously