March 12th, 2008


Pathological / MyMusicRightNow

Someone wrote me an email recently saying that she was glad to find another hopeless single. Sweet sentiment and I'm clearly single. But I think I'm the opposite of hopeless.

Almost pathologically, stupidly so. Saw L, Sheridan, and TexasA tonight and had the following conversation while trying to sober up on a Tuesday night.

MiamiK: OK, I like how you did that, but how did you not see that rock on her left hand? I mean it was huge.
Me: (sighing) I've gotta make it a point to look at that damn left hand earlier. (laughing) Welcome to my world.
Paul: (commiserating) We'll all been there, we've all been there.

Pathological. Because, in my head, there's always tomorrow.


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