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Thursday, February 21st, 2008

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Music Week Day 3 - Charm attack(ish)

To continue from my last post:

Me: OK, I'll meet your friend.
Cain: Wait, you know Logan has a strict catch and release policy, right?
Her: What does that...oh...
Me: Hey! (sighing) Nevermind...

Time: 500(ish) Days
Dates: 80(ish)
Relationships: 5(ish)
Shortest: 2 weeks
Longest: 4 months (4.5 if you count the recidivism)
Dates this week: 2
Batting average: 80:0

I'm 35 in two months. Cain thinks I'm self-sabotaging, my parents think I'm not getting any younger, friends Rain questions if I'm gay.

They all think I'm the guy that's just passing by, but I'm not. I'm killing time. I told you then, I'm waiting.

I'm still waiting.


Thanks for all the music so far - post more?

Music: Well, I'm no savior But I tried to save you

Current Mood: creative

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