January 25th, 2008



Click the music link because you can download the song for free. You'll thank me later.


I'm in Cornell right now; was working in the library until just before. Spent the day running about causa work. I followed my GPS to get here so it took me on a road I never took before. I was disappointed because I didn't see it rise up like it always does.

I ate in the food hall and felt very, very old. Then I took a long walk to the main campus. The campus was pretty much completely empty because it was late and hella cold. It was weird because I was always out by myself late at night because of the insomnia so, on the one hand, it looked like it always did to me; on the other - they built this monstrosity in the middle of my campus.

Guess, you can't go home again. More to tell but I'm sorting.

I really I don't think I'm seeing the green-eyed Italian lawyer until March and I completely randomly thought of the curly-haired girl today because she went to school near here. But I'm seeing L tonight for dinner if I can make it back in time. I've not seen her in months either.

My timing's never right but the Venn Diagrams I draw make up for it somewhat.

Music: I feel like I just got home and I feel like...I'm home