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Monday, November 5th, 2007

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The NY Marathon was this past Sunday. A marathon is 26.2 miles, which is about 26 more miles than I can run.

I bumped into someone from a while ago at a party on Saturday who's a runner. I can't relate to it because I find it painfully boring but she says she does it cause she loves it.

Then Sunday, I went to a celebratory thingy at 3PM at my local dive bar. Paul's friend, Runaround Sue, ran the marathon in under four hours. That's her in the pic above asking a DJ to play better music a few weeks back.

I've been so busy with the drama, I haven't run myself. I keep thinking I'll hit the road and never come back.

Just a dream.


I saw GES this past weekend for another brunch. That may become our thing. Brunch on the weekend.

She runs too. I must be missing something.


I'm meeting a lot of teachers these days.

Her: You never heard of the shiz? What about mad beast?
Me: You do realize I'm 34, right? (pause) Could you use it in a sentence?
Her: (thinking) Well, one student said, Yo Miss, you can't give us all that mad beast homework. All the cool kids use it.
Me: Ah, there's your problem right there; I've never been cool.
Her: Ever?
Me: Around 2004 I thought I might be cool but then I decided it was just something I ate.

Music: I wanna be like you, just as strong as you are

Current Mood: puzzled

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