November 1st, 2007


Pretty Card

So it appears that none of the postcards I sent was received by the people to whom I sent it. I honestly wrote everyone that sent me an address.

I then gave them all to the two clerks at the Hotel New York in Rotterdam and had them mail it - they ran my Amex.


When I'm in a better place, I'll ask you to resend me your addys and I'll send you an NYC postcard.

Him: (pointing to this card) There's just an address on this one, sir.
Me: It's for someone that doesn't know I still think of her. But I thought she'd like it.
Him: Doesn't she know your handwriting?
Me: Oddly enough, no.
Him: (politely) It's a pretty card, perhaps you can send it to someone else?
Me: (laughing) I've no one else to send it to.


I was locked outta my apartment for four hours yesterday, which was just plain awful. However, I did see GES yesterday for a 45-minute coffeebreak.

That was rather nice.

Music: The day's still ashes and wine