October 24th, 2007


Boys do make passes

With nods The Laura (whoa, twice in three days), who introduced me to the singer above, I submit that Dorothy Parker was wrong.

I have a new female roommate - like the last two, she's stunning. Also like the other two, she's off limits to me. Mainly because I'm not a creep.

However, she hung out with me, Paul and Cain the other night:

Her: Really? No way...
Me: It's true. (turning to Paul and Cain) What do you guys think?
Paul: Glasses, definitely.
Cain: Glasses.
Me: (turning back to her) See. We love that. Men also love them because chicks can toss them off all sexy-like. You just can't do that with contacts. I mean you could...but that'd just be weird.

Music: I love the way you say, good morning

I don't see why

Well, I suppose I should tell you what happened now that things have settled a bit.

Someone stole every penny I ever made. Six figures. Gone. I have 11.62 to my fine name.

But I think I'll be ok. I'll survive.

It's what I do.


I was thinking about the curly-haired girl recently. I haven't seen her in a month or so and I don't think I will.

But I thought about a conversation we had the last time I saw her.

Her: So I don't see why you're still single.
Me: I'm really good at hiding the crazy until about the third or fourth date.
Her: Ah, (slowly nodding) good to know...

It all seems so unreal. Unfortunately, it's all true.

Music: feeling lonely I had a life to give many dreams to live
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