October 15th, 2007



This is gonna be another tough week. It's going to be like this for at least 45 days. I'll let you know what's going on when things settle.


Question inspired by that sardonicasshole: Do you queue, stand in line, stand on line, wait in line, or wait on line?


The only problem with living where I live is all the endless queues. It's maddening. Every Sunday I pick up a loaf of bread. I'm often temped to throw down four bucks and bolt. But I never do. I wait.

If it's not for a chick, it's for a loaf of whole grain, low-carb, wheat bread.

No, just this. No bag, thanks. Credit. I know. No, I've got a pen. Here. Thanks, you too.


I love the Bourne Identity films, which are much better than the novels - those are a hard read.

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Ah, I'm such a sucker. I wait for things that'll never happen.

Music: I would stand in line for this