September 14th, 2007


What has Life told you?

Me: I dunno, I've been out a lot this week, I shouldn't.
Nadi: Blue-eyed Lawyergirl is gonna be there. Although you are NOT permitted to make a pass at her.
Me: First of all, I've got my hands full. Then again, why not? That's half the fun right there - for all involved parties.
Nadi: It's open ba...
Me: I'm in.


I was thinking of the girl with the curls from last night when my email box went ding.

Berlingirl wrote me and asked the most random but sweet thing: Hope you had a lovely day today! What has Life told you?

I thought that was such an interesting question.

So I stayed in tonight to listen. Life didn't say anything to me though.

I'll sit by the phone and wait anyway. Just in case.

Don't wanna miss that call.

Music: where ever you go I always know