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Friday, September 7th, 2007

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Pets, Pt. III

Caffeineguy's entry will explain. I miss my pets.


Client: I need you in Syracuse next week. (pause) Think of it as a roadtrip.
Me: (scoffing) Sheeyah...

Conversations with a friend:

Him: So basically, we'd be renting out small dogs for guys that wanna meet chicks.
Me: Well, what's gonna happen when the betty actually shows up at the guy's house and there's no dog?
Him: That's the brilliant part, he can just go, "Oh, Spike got hit by a car." Then he also gets the sympathy vote too.
Me: Well, that's just insane.
Him: Plus imagine we get a dog with only three legs. (pause) That'd be like...like gold!
Me: You're going to hell.

Me? I'm going to Syracuse...

Music: I'd rather be with...I'd rather be with an animal

Current Mood: amused

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