August 16th, 2007


Great Expectations

Inspired by a sardonicasshole.

Dickens actually wrote two endings for the book - in the published version, you don't know what happens to the two of them.

In the original, Dickens had Pip realize that he loved the girl that was cruel. And that girl was gone. The good girl left behind, wasn't the one he loved.

I can relate. I think all the women I've ever had a thing for was some version of Estella. Interesting, eh?

In JHS, there was this Korean girl Stella whom I had a crush on. When we got our yearbooks, she wrote, You shoulda asked me out, I woulda said yes.

Argh! It's why I don't tell people things like that.

Hot names (this is not an exclusive list - I've more):
  • Alexis - damn, that's sexy
  • Amanda - just dated one
  • Marie - just met one from France
  • Melissa/Melody/Molly - no explanation
  • Yve/Yvonne - massive elementary school crush
  • Many German/Russian names - Tajania, Katja
  • Many Japanese names - Naomi, Marimo
I once dated a girl who was Frau Zuzanne D'Longe - that was just hot.

I just walked in from a date.

I keep wondering if it's better to have expectations or to have none.

Music: I'd just like to know do you love him or just making time