August 14th, 2007


Michael Malloy/Mike the Mouse

The First PostSecret (that I know of) Video - sound not necessary.


Mike Malloy was this New Yorker that just wouldn't die. This group of guys and his bartender tried to kill him by giving him unlimited alcohol. Nuthin.

Antifreeze, nuthin.

Horse liniment, rat poison, raw oysters soaked in wood alcohol, soiled sardines (??), carpet tacks, metal shavings. Nuthin.

So they tossed him passed out and naked into the snow. Nuthin - Mikey woke up, got dressed, showed up for more booze.

So they hit Mike with a taxi going 45 miles an hour! Like water off a mutant duck's back - nuthin.

The boys ultimately lost their cool (and their minds); stuffed a gas pipe into his mouth. Same story with Grigori Rasputin.

My point? I have the Mike Malloy / Rasputin of mice. It's one single solitary bulletproof friggin mouse. He's gold colored. Seriously. Not brown, not grey, gold.

That bugger...will...not...^%#!...die.

One day, quite soon, you may read, Crazed UWS Writer Takes a Sabre to His Own Apartment.

And you'll know. You'll say, Oh yeah, that's gotta be Logan...must be the mouse.

You'll know.

Music: the worst part is there's no-one else to blame