August 1st, 2007


Logan still hates mice and AT&T

Note to self: After a major car accident and a two-week cold, avoid fencing.



I've haven't seen my furry little houseguest in a few days, but the other thing I said still holds true.

After nine years, I've left the devil I know and ended up with the devil I don't know, but already hate.

Funny, it's sorta like my personal life, except with customer service, but just imagine...

  • To leave a message, press 1.
  • To admit everything's your fault since we've met, press 2.
  • To perform the traditional swapping of the stuff, press 3.
  • To find out things you really don't wanna know but just gotta know, press...
I hope my 8/2007 is better than my 8/2006.

Music: ni wang ji wo xing ming