July 25th, 2007


Somehow Stay

Called the ex today. Purely practical reasons, I assure you. Wasn't that bad. Like I said yesterday, forgetting is good.

I'll write more on that later.


Went to church last Sunday.

I met this woman named named Tara-Leigh Cobble who sang a song called Somehow Stay. I liked it because I thought that it sounded like something I might have written; it's a gospel but works as a love song too.

I liked it so I picked it up; you can also go to her website and hear it to decide if you like it.

Speaking of church, my pastor Dr. Tim Keller once gave his own definition that I liked greatly. I've been busy, and sick, and I missed CindyE's birthday. She sang to me on mine. I felt terrible, so I sent her a belated happy birthday recording on the topic of that definition, which she seemed to like.

If you'd like to hear it too, you can click below:

OK, back to coughing up a lung...

Music: none of us Are living the lives we planned