July 17th, 2007


Logan hates mice and AT&T

Right now, I have two major distractions from my daily ruminations on insomnia, chicks, scratch and the accident:
  1. I hate Cingular / AT&T with a passion. Pure...white...hot...hatred.
  2. I have a mouse, in my house.
Regarding point one, and without getting into details, I've demanded that they write in bold letters in my account notes: We have screwed this man blue (they actually wrote, Client is justifiably upset with our level of service).

I could hate them more - I just don't see how.

Regarding point two, my kitchen is like the DMZ. I've got baits, traps, poisons, and at least one Rube Goldberg/Tom & Jerry contraption - all of which, I think are just amusing them.

Mouse1: What's that?
Mouse2: He put out peanut butter.
Mouse1: SWEET!
Mouse2: No, it's that healthful crap. The kind where the oil and stuff separate...
Mouse1: What the @#$! is wrong with that guy? He needs to get some sleep.

I swear those little bastards are drinking my rum too.


(Video of Pixar's Lifted, removed)

Music: Get on the highway point yourself my way