July 5th, 2007


Do I look like a people person?

I'm wearing a shirt that says, "Do I Look Like a F___ People Person?"

I sometimes wonder if people think I'm making up stuff in this blog. I would think that. But I'm not.

If I were, I would make myself much cooler.

I made it home yesterday. I met two women on their way home too but home for them was Boston. Such is my luck.

It was dismal outside. I was gonna stay in when my flatmate reminded me that the reason I rushed home was to enjoy the Fourth. So I met up with my friend L. As you would expect, I totally missed the whole East Side Fireworks display but she and I did go out with some friends to eat.

Afterwards, I walked her home and got drenched. Totally soaked. So I took a shower at her place, borrowed this dead-sexy shirt, and crawled onto her sofa to crash. Her roommate Locationgirl was there and asked me over and over "Why are you here?" I didn't understand the question until after they went to bed.

She meant, What are you doing here with L?


Clueless, me.

So I lay there for a bit and the ticking of the fan and the thunder kept me up. After about two hours of that, the rain finally stopped and I gave up trying to sleep. I left L a note, quietly left, took a cab back up to my pad and am about to crawl off and lie awake in my own bed.

In this snazzy shirt no less.

Music: I woke up to the sound of pouring rain