June 27th, 2007


How much?

Me: Look, I'm sorry, I can't go, I just got back Friday.
Client: You gotta go. We'll pay you $XXXX.
Me: You're not hearing me: (emphatically) I...just...got...wait...you'll pay me how much?
Client: $XXXX.
Me: Total?
Client: Each.
Me: EACH!? EACH!? (pause) Do I have to kill someone?
Client: (pause) Um...not unless you wanna.

I just booked the flight. Each red rectangle you see above is an appointment. I'll wear my happy face.

I'm tired but summer's when I make most of the scratch I need for the year so I guess I gotta.

Eh...it'll be good to not have to sweat coin for a bit.


I had an amazing weekend with some great stories and no time to sort it all out. I'll tell you though. After I sort.

But I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kirk, who is doing his Rico Suave best with Elolicious and Sandi here. The bartender had a single orange so that I could have my usual poison. Ergo, you know I had a good night.

Happy Birthday, man.

Music: middle of nowhere To the middle of my frustrated fears