June 25th, 2007


Aren't you that jackass lawyer?

...course, if I make soup, I gotta freeze some and I've still got all those packs of mac 'n cheese and veggie burgers. No, the chicken cutlets were the right call. They're flat so...

Guy: Hey. Hey! HEY! DUDE!
Me: (stopping) Huh? Me?
Guy: Yeah. Dude, you're that guy from that websitcom, right? 72nd something?
Me: (laughing) 72nd to Canal. Did you watch it?
Guy: Yeah, you're that jackass lawyer guy, Lorin?
Me: I am that jackass lawyer guy. And my real name is Logan. Good eye.
Guy: Keep up the good work, I liked it.
Me: (shaking his hand) Thanks, man, really. That's cool.
(walking away)

...I can keep them in fridge. Shoot, I gotta leave some bread out tonight for breadcrumbs. Guess I'll make them tomorrow. I really gotta clean out my freezer. I wonder if...

Music: Everybody gonna know me On broadway

Admin notes

I've gotta go upstate again.

This is unpleasant.


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Music: They say that I won't last too long On broadway