June 20th, 2007


You just what? / Hanging with Nadi - Pt. I

I was out with Nadi the other night and I met this pretty chick.

Her: We should go to the Met or something the next time I'm in town.
Me: Sure. Where you going?
Her: Upstate. I'm staying with the rents over summer break. I just finished my first year in college.
Me: (stunned) You just what? How old do you think I am? How old are you?
Her: 19. Why? How old are you? 26?
Me: (pause) Not even close, darling.

Eyes. I'm a sucker for a set of pretty eyes.

Well, it's nice knowing I look young.

I spoke to Nadi earlier and I'll post our conversation in the morning or afternoon before I step onto the plane.

I'm going somewhere not fun.

Music: said you love me and thats a fact Then you left me

Sad Sack / Hanging with Nadi - Pt. II

To continue from my last post:

Nadi: Oh god, why don't you ever write about when you actually succeed?
Me: That's assuming I do. What's the fun there? Met a girl, we hooked up, blah, blah, blah. There's no story there. Plus, you know I don't kiss and tell.
Nadi: At least put something there. It's depressing otherwise.
Me: There's a fine line between hopeless romantic womanizer and sleezeball player.
Nadi: But it always sounds like, "Oh poor sad sack Logan screwed up with another girl."
Me: Maybe I'll put up a 10-to-1 ratio of...wait...sad sack?
Nadi: A ratio might be...
Me: Sad sack?!
Nadi: Look, all I'm saying is...
Me: Whaddya mean, sad sack?! Do people feel sorry...

I may be focusing too much at times. How's your dating life going?

Me, I'm out and about. but I'm also waiting.

After some modicum of attraction, there is only ever two things any relationship needs, and neither one of these things is love.

The two things are loyalty and fun. Everything good comes from these two.

Everything bad comes from when one or both are missing.

If you find someone with these three things, you're doing well.

Gotta catch a plane.

I'll finish up my thought tomorrow.

Music: When we were close I'll remember these things the most