June 1st, 2007


And your name is...?

Coolest 72nd to Canal thing ever: My brother got a mass email from a friend saying they should all watch this video. He clicks it and BAM, it's an email from someone that read Caffineguy's gold star pimping of our show.

How's that for some right fine wickedness? Let's keep it up.

Onto our regularly scheduled entry.


I was out and about again tonight.

This whole week, I've only been home one night.

A blitz of introductions and...introductions. I've been busy doing three things:
  1. things I'm proud of,
  2. things I'm not so proud of,
  3. and a thing or two that I shouldn't be proud of (but secretly am).
Plus, in my relentless pursuit of scratch, I'm shockingly busy for someone that prides himself on not working more than three days a week. Ergo, I've not had time to cerebrate about anything.

And in the middle of it all, I met the nicest chick.

But I'm in basketcase mode and my possible pasts keep interfering with my future.

Pardon me. I'm still rough-hewing. I'm still looking for her.

But until I find her (and I'm not gonna lie to you),

I'm ridiculously entertained.

Music: Liebe ist so wie du bist
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