May 29th, 2007


72nd to Canal Episode 1 - Part 2

I've got close to 500 page views a day on this blog, over 500 views of the video...and only 17 people have clicked the Digg button? Did you guys just not like the show?

Click it. You know you wanna.

I met a nice girl recently. She lives...quite far away. Thus, no shiny future for the two us. Sad, really. Plus I'm still thinking...oh, you're a bright kid, I'm sure you can figure it out.

Still, another pretty friend in the world is nothing to shake a stick at.

And we both know that I'm the type of guy just that'll just up and go someday.

Let's have a code, you and I; should I ever just leave suddenly, I'll post Gone Fishing!

Nothing else.

Then you'll know.

You'll know I cashed in those miles, packed my bags, sold the car, gave away Harold and the fish, and left. I'd be elsewhere.

Actually, I'd bring Harold.

I think he'd like to see the world too.

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Istanbul (or Constantinople)

Thanks so much for all of you that have seen the show and hit that Digg button, much appreciated!

I've had the worst sleep schedule these days. Plus I've got a full social roster this week. Luck of the draw, really.

I decided not to go to the Ed Koch banquet and instead meet up with some friends for a small social thing. I'm sure Ms. Right will be somewhere in that banquet, however, I'm a mess.

But I digress.

Topic from last post: girlie. Here's the interesting thing about her:
  1. She's a full-on vegetarian. Not even a hint of fish. That's six in a row.
  2. She also over 5'7" That's five in a row.
  3. She's also a multiple pet owner. That's three in a row.
  4. She has the same name as No. 7. That's two in a row.
But she is NOT from New Jersey. Ah, something different. She is, however, from another country. Just my luck, eh?

The next girl I meet will just eat nuts & grass and live in Istanbul (or Constantinople). I know it.

Seriously, I need to know: Is it me?

Maybe it's my cologne.

No, it must be me.

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