May 27th, 2007


72nd to Canal Launched!

72nd to Canal is UP!

I'm going to have YouTube links to the site for Monday's post, I'm just too beat today. I'll tell you why later.

Please watch the and let me know what you think! On the botton of the page is a "DIGG" counter - I would appreciate it greatly if you clicked that link (please).

Finally, if you help us pimp the show, by linking, forwarding, emailing, whatnot, that'd be greatly appreciated too.

I had dinner with a woman I had met a few times in the past the other night.

I was just meeting up as friends; I dunno if she had other plans but things worked themselves out on their own.

Me: (ring, ring) Hello, Logan.
Her: (...) Do you know who this is?
Me: Um, hello?
Her: You didn't program my number in?
Me: (long pause)

Dinner was cold.

The food was fine.

The dinner itself was cold.

Music: now, overcast days never turned me on
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