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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Time Event
72nd to Canal Premier

(c) Cindy Lee - this pic and the one in my pictures section are the only good photos I got (send me some if you've got)

Despite the weather and a few hiccups ahead of time, the show went well. All-in-all, I was surprised at who came and who didn't. Quite an eye-opener.

Still, we had laughs, we had rum, what could be bad? OK, I did send a drunken text to BJE, but besides that, what could be bad? (Oh, like you've never done that).

I wish I had more pictures but I was far too comfortably numb to remember to take any.

We're still working on editing the show somewhat for public distribution on Saturday so please do check in with us then?

I was thinking about my post from yesterday. You know, even if I did take this blog down and delete everything I could, I've still got all the online stuff I've done with Rain. I'd have to kill him to erase everything about me.

And we all know that I'd be the first guy the rollers would look for if he had any type of "accident."

On that note, if anything ever happens to me, look for someone that looks like this:

Yeah...that's the guy, officer.
That's the guy.
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