May 16th, 2007


(Not)Back in the picture

10:55:42 PM

There's a new book called Send which basically says, think twice before you do anything online as once it's up, it's there forever. This is turning out to be very disturbingly true:

I did work for a short film, Cycle, years ago. Apparently it's being shown someplace because I got a email from a girl asking me if I was the same Logan Lo.

Someone else said that she read about me from a random article in a local paper.

Weirdest is this: the original post from May 1st is in an online archive! I couldn't sleep that night so I made an audio entry but deleted the file and changed the entry because I wasn't sure if she was going to be in the picture or not.

Turns out I was right; fifteen days later, we're total strangers.

I just Googled my name and this blog showed up.

I'm getting a sinking feeling that if I ever look for a job (or a chick), I'm screwed.

I should re-think this blog, maybe...

12:06:43 AM
Music: angel in disguise Chinese-speaking girlfriend big brown eyes
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