May 11th, 2007


I need to sleep

2:54:43 AM

Hello! I am 34 and trying to find my way through the world; if you've already made it, won't draw me a map? I'm here and I'm trying to get there.

When I sober up tomorrow, I'm sure that'll all make perfect sense.

Until then, I have my red, red rum to help me forget all the other colours.

I have no idea who this girl is. Of course.

Then again, if I had a better story, would I be writing this to you?

3:34:37 AM
Music: hold on Just give me something
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72nd to Canal Promo #4 - Comic Books

3:02:11 PM

I'm still traveling.

You've gotta know by now that we're screening 72nd to Canal on May 19th, yeah?

I was in charge of finding a place to screen it and I wasn't having* much luck:

Him: Are you sure?
Me: Of course I'm sure, I passed the bar exam in one shot! I have a JD! I'm an ivy league grad! I think I know how to make a phone call.
Him: (pause) You know you gotta dial a (1) first...
Me: Are you even listening to me?
Him: Did it ring?
Me: (pause) You know I have to kill you now.

3:49:53 PM
Music: I find myself shaking in the middle of the night
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